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2015-2016 Annual Report

NutcrackerInternational Ballet Exchange (IBE) was established in 1998 with these goals


To Bring Classical Ballet To Children In Philadelphia:

        Through Education:

  • Ballet Residencies in public schools with highly skilled professional ballet educators, including Russian ballet masters
  • Providing expert ballet education to students who study privately
  • Study abroad opportunities

        Through Performance:

  • Giving Residency students a yearlong goal of being part of a ballet performance
  • For children in the Philadelphia School District, the opportunity to see a professional ballet company at minimal cost.
  • Free performances of a story ballet for children in the Philadelphia School District 

To Bring Classical Ballet To The Community At Large

      Through Performance:

  • For the general community, the opportunity to see a world class professional ballet company at affordable rates
  • For ballet students who study privately, the opportunity to perform with a professional ballet company


  • Full year ballet residencies in public schools with highly skilled professionals
  • Performance opportunities for residency students with students who study privately
  • Free performances of a story ballet for the Philadelphia School District
  • Presentation of the Donetsk Ballet in the Nutcracker for the general public and reduced rate performances for the Philadelphia School District
  • Scholarships for needy talented students
  • Dance attire, shoes and costumes for residency students
  • Study abroad opportunities for area dance students and teachers*

Since 1998, IBE has brought more than 30 great ballet performances to more than 70,000 Philadelphia school students, teachers, and community members; provided ballet lessons and a unique performance experience to more than 1,600 public school students; and given over 1,000 local ballet students a chance to perform with world-class professionals. 

 * IBE periodically arranges ballet study tours, most recently in 2013 to Cuba, where students and teachers studied with the National Ballet of Cuba.

In 2015-2016, students from a total of 32 schools, including host school and residency site George Washington High School and residency site James Blaine Elementary, experienced an IBE ballet. Of these, 30 were Philadelphia public schools, 2 were parochial schools; homeschooled students also attended.


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